Contribution Points (CP) is a pool of resources that you can used as investments. These points have multiple uses from purchasing houses, investing in nodes and renting items.

How to obtain contribution

Completing the following will give you Contribution Points or Contribution XP. Contribution XP is needed to fill up the Contribution bar on the top left of your screen. Filling up the bar completely gives you a Contribution Point.

Task Description
Black Spirit Quests Certain quests will offer Contribution XP as a reward. To check which quests gives this reward, press ‘O’ to open the Quest window and click on the Main tab.
City Daily Quests Certain quests will offer contribution as a reward. Some of these are repeatable.
Cooking or Alchemy Turning in cooking dishes or alchemy reagents e.g. Making beer will sometimes also make dishes like Dish with poorly prepared ingredients. Mouse over the dishes to see where they can be exchanged for Contribution Points.

Contribution Recovery

To regain the Contribution Points, you simply need to withdraw or cancel the investments and you have them back in your Contribution Points pool.

Task Description
Invested Contribution If you invested your contribution in a node all you have to do is open the world map, click the node you invested in and click the withdraw button.
Rental Items When the rented item is returned to the NPC who rented it out, you will regain the contribution spent to acquire it.
Houses If you have purchased a house, navigate your map to the specific town, then click on the house you have rented, you will find a button to sell the house. Selling the house will remove the benefits the house granted you but restore the contribution invested.

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